Greetings BYAA Community.

We are heading into week 3 of our Virtual BYAA classes.  We have been offering the original 26&2 in varying lengths, not-so-hot Pilates, Yin yoga and Vinyasa.   We cannot thank you all enough for your amazing support. The turnout has been wonderful.  It is clear to us that you all want to keep up on your self-care!

Beginning Monday, April 5th, we will start requiring you to have package to take classes at /brēT͟H/.  Below you will see the process for registration.  If you are a current student with an active package, you will just need to register on our website and sign up for class.  If you are a new student, we welcome you to purchase package and join in!

As we have said before, while it would be wonderful to offer these classes for free, my teachers are working hard to help keep your health (and sanity) on track.  To keep our teachers getting a paycheck and to keep the studio alive we need your assistance.

Lastly, I also want to thank you,  my amazing community,  for supporting a locally owned small business so we can be here when this crisis is over. This practice and this studio has changed so many lives for the better over 20+ years and we want to keep you practicing while you are home!  


1. Download the Zoom app on your phone or desktop at

2. Go to our website at

3. If you are a new student, you will need to register and purchase a package on our Ratespage.

4. If you are a current member but have not registered, click on that link and it will walk you through steps to register.

5. If you are a current member and have already registered on our page, you can go straight to our schedule page, click on class you want to join.

6. After you have completed the registration, you will go to our schedule page, scroll down to class schedule and sign up for class.

7. Please sign up for the Virtual classes you want to take AT LEAST 30 MINUTES BEFORE CLASS STARTS, and then look for a Zoom link 10 minutes before class. Please email us at if you don’t receive it a reminder 10 minutes before class starts. Use your username (your email on file at BYAA) and password and sign in like any other class.

8. Check your email 10 minutes before class for the link to sign in and join.

It’s all quite simple once you register and purchase a package.  Then, put some extra clothes on, turn on your heat or a space heater and enjoy practice from home.

NOTE: Your camera and microphone will be disabled automatically. Please make sure the volume us up on your device so you can hear the instructor as clearly as possible.

Please feel free to email  with any questions!