Polices & Guidelines

Policies and Guidelines


  • Students must sign in at front desk before entering dressing room
  • Students will not be permitted into class after second set of half moon has started
  • Sign in starts 30 minutes before class.
  • Students must practice on a mat and at least 1 towel
  • Students must wear appropriate yoga clothing (no underwear, bathing suits, etc.)
  • Cell phones are not permitted in the yoga room
  • Text and email only in the lobby and locker rooms. No voice calling or camera recording permitted in locker room.
  • During peak times, keep shower duration to 3 minutes or less
  • Students must arrive at least 5 minutes prior to the first class of the day
  • No glass bottles in the yoga room or locker room
  • Our lobbies/waiting areas are available for sitting 30 minutes before and after class
  • Rates are subject to change. All purchases are final, no refunds
  • Lost and found items will be held for one week as a courtesy. We are not responsible for any items left at the studio


    • Please be respectful of others by refraining from loud talking in the studio and lobby and observe silence in the yoga room before class and  during final savasana
    • Please be conscious of disruptive behavior during class and respect other’s moving meditation by refraining from talking or making loud noises
    • If you have a comment for the instructor, please share it after class
    • Please do not enter or exit the yoga room while others are in a posture
    • Please do not drink water while other students are in a posture
    • Please do not wear heavy perfumes or scents in the yoga room
    • Please do not come to class if you are sick. Keep your tissues on your mat
    • Please align your mat on a line and do not block another person’s view of the mirror
    • Please practice proper hygiene including clean feet and body
    • Please do your best to keep sweat on your mat
    • Please do not pour water on yourself during class
    • Please inform the instructor if you need to leave early and set up your mat in the second row and by the door
  • Please do not chew gum in class


Our instructors try their very best to cater to everyone, but as seasons change so do environmental conditions. As the humidity changes, so do the conditions of the room. Additionally, in the studio there are “microclimates” in the room – if you want a warmer or cooler spot, please ask the instructor where to go. Students are not permitted to touch any of the heating equipment, humidifiers, dehumidifiers, fans or windows.


Please bring a lock with you to the studio.  We do not allow any personal items such as purses, cellphones, etc. into the yoga room. Please plan accordingly. Bikram Yoga Ann Arbor is not responsible for your personal property.

Before & After Class

In order for us to keep the studios, dressing rooms and lobby clean, the reception is open 30 minutes before class. The management and cleaning staff need time to have everything ready for you!  After class, we kindly ask that you finish up in dressing rooms within 30 minutes so that we may get in to clean.


Women should wear, capris or shorts and a tank top or jog bra (leotards alone are not permitted). Men should wear shorts (no boxer shorts/briefs or underwear). Women, please no bikini bathing suits or underwear. No shoes or socks.

Cell Phones

Absolutely no cell phones whatsoever allowed inside the yoga room. No verbal cell phone use is allowed in our lobbies or locker rooms. Text messaging only please. Please finish up your conversation before entering the lobby and turn your ringers off. Due to privacy concerns, use of cameras or any other recording equipment is prohibited. However, feel free to text and email only in the lobby.

Grooming & Cleanliness

Please keep body and feet clean when attending class. Please do not attend class with open wounds. No perfume (as some students are highly sensitive and/or allergic to strong scents). Please clean up after yourself. Laundry bins are located throughout studio. Please use recycling bins for all bottles.


Please consult your doctor before taking classes.  We carry Rajashree’s Pregnancy Yoga book if you would like to review it.  We also have teachers available to consult.   Please contact us with questions or for more information and ask to speak with an instructor.