BYAA Introduces QiGong Classes to the studio!

BYAA Introduces QiGong Classes to the studio!

We are so please to announce that QiGong classes have come to BYAA.  Our first class will be Saturday at 12:00pm.    Qigong is a wonderful compliment to your yoga practice.  You will learn to focus.  energy movement, balance, concentration and mediation.  Class is open to all students.  BYAA members can use their studio package.  Qigong classes will be held the 2nd and 4th Saturday of every month.

氣 功 Qigong is often translated as “energy cultivation.” These internal exercises are an incredibly powerful method of moving energy through your body to revitalize and heal.

We would like to give a warm welcome to Greg Knollmeyer of Ann Arbor, who will be teaching the QiGong classes.  Greg comes with  an abundance of experience and knowledge.

About Greg:

Sifu Greg Knollmeyer has spent more than fifteen years studying Taiji & Qigong with world renowned teachers. He teaches t’ai chi & qigong at his school The Spiral Chi Center. In 2014 he met and became a student of Sigung Richard Clear who has amazing healing and martial skills. Greg continues to pursue his studies with Sigung Clear and has earned multiple certifications in that system.