Instructor Dayne Laycy

Dayne Laycy


I have practiced every kind of yoga under the sun and moon but it wasn’t until I stepped into the hot room for the first time and completed a Bikram Yoga class did I really fall in love with myself and everyone around me.  Realizing what I could and could not do.  Realizing what I can do now that I couldn’t do before!

Bikram Yoga is one of my longest relationships that keeps me grounded with all 10 toes on the ground, solid, concrete and one piece.  I’ve built my personality one posture at a time and let go of pain with one drop of sweat at a time, gaining tremendous Bengal Tiger Strength and massive amounts of English Bulldog determination.

Bikram Yoga gives me life, replenishes my energy and washes me clean from the inside out bones to skin and fingertips to my toes.  I have more time in life to enjoy everything I do, with the people I love and thankfully I have even more energy left over to help others around me.  I decided to go to the Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in Fall 2014  traveling all the way to Khao Lak, Thailand and never looked back.  My life has changed for the better in all areas.

I have the determination to see tremendous obstacles reduced and achieved, I can cope with whatever life throws at me and continue to set sail on a journey to perfect and correct and accept myself and everything else in our world.  I’ve seen so many miracles in my life and in those of my students that without a doubt; 110% Bikram Yoga has helped inspire.  You will be amazed when you do things the right way you will naturally attract love and support into life.  I’m eternally grateful for Bikram Yoga and I hope to inspire and share my love with all those who walk into the hot room.