Instructor Kelly Williams Salazar

Kelly Williams Salazar


Bikram yoga has been a mainstay in my life for the past 10+ years.  It’s counter-intuitive to think doing the same postures in the same order every class isn’t boring but this series will change your mind!  I am never, ever bored doing this class and I love sharing it with others!

As a student, I find the heat and the series calming to my nervous system and mind as well as a beautiful way to maintain my weight.  It has improved my strength, balance and coordination.

As a teacher, I love introducing the series to new students and seeing how it changes their lives!  Every single person that practices Bikram Yoga on a regular basis has story about how it has changed their life.  I hear new stories every day and I never tire of hearing them!  Bikram Yoga truly is a fountain of youth!