If you were in a position to keep your membership with us, we can’t thank you enough and all live streaming classes are included. If you are not a member, you can still register for classes.

How to Join Virtual Classes at BYAA

1. Download the Zoom app on your phone or desktop at
2. Sign in to our schedule page, click on class you want to join and create an account.
3. If needed, purchase a Virtual Package or any other BYAA package.
4. Please sign up for the Virtual classes you want to take AT LEAST 30 MINUTES BEFORE CLASS STARTS, and then look for a Zoom link 15 minutes before class. Please email us at if you don’t receive it 10 minutes before class starts. Use your username (your email on file at BYAA) and password and sign in like any other class.
5. Check your email 10 minutes before class for the link to sign in and join.
6. Put some extra clothes on, turn on your heat or a space heater and enjoy practice from home.

If you don’t know how to get your username or password, email BYAA for help at

NOTE: Your camera and microphone will be disabled automatically. Please make sure the volume us up on your device so you can hear the instructor as clearly as possible.


This week @/brēT͟H/ online (Tuesday through Friday):
Tues. HIIT Pilates (60 min.)@9 a.m.
Join URL:

Wed. 90 min. 26&2 Yoga @9 a.m.
Join URL:

Wed. Yin Yoga (60 min.)@6 p.m.
Join URL:

Thurs. HIIT Pilates (60 min.) @5:30 p.m.
Join URL:

Fri. 75 min. Happy Hour 26&2 Yoga @5:30 p.m.
Join URL:

Friday Happy Hour!

The Best Happy Hour in Ann Arbor!

Join us every Friday for $5.00 drop-in rate for 4:30pm and 6:30pm Classes.

 BYAA Class Schedule

See our general class schedule below to find the time that fits you the best!

Traditional 90 Minute class

Bikram Yoga is a demanding series of 26 postures (asanas) and two breathing exercises (pranayama), which is suitable for all ages and levels of ability. Every posture stretches and strengthens specific muscles, ligaments and joints needed for the next posture. 90 mins.

Inferno Hot Pilates

Inferno Hot Pilates is a mat based, high intensity interval training workout (HIIT) using pilates principles. This challenging and motivating 60 minute class is all low impact to protect your joints and muscles, and is perfect for all fitness levels!

Yin Yoga

Yin yoga stretches and targets both the deep connective tissues between the muscles, and the fascia throughout the body. The aim is to increase circulation in the joints and improve flexibility as the poses stretch and exercise the bone and joint areas. It also helps us to regulate the body’s flow of energy.