Tips For A Successful Yoga Challenge

Tips For A Successful Yoga Challenge

Be sure to HYDRATE

Drink plenty of water during the day, before and after your class.  If you are drinking enough water out of class, you may not even need any during your Bikram yoga class.

Start Healthy

Make sure you are in  reasonably healthy condition before you undertake the 4 for 4 challenge.  If you have any serious health concerns please see your doctor.  However, you can also give the challenge a go and see how you feel – you may be stronger than you think and might just surprise yourself.

Pace Yourself

This is probably the most important piece of advice.  Take each day as it comes without any expectations.  Some days you will fly thought a class, other days it will feel like you’re pushing a boulder up hill – this is all part of the process.

Vary your position in the room

We all get attached to your own favorite spot in the room.  If you like the front row, challenge yourself by putting yourself in the back.  If you’ve never been in the front row, give it a try and see how it feels.

Know your body

If you are feeling exhausted from your day, don’t push yourself to hard.  Have a relaxed class where you position yourself in the back row.

Eat healthy, eat strong

As you progress into your challenge you will gain a great mind/body awareness to the point where you’ll become extremely aware of what foods will help you get through the next 4 weeks.  Foods that won’t help you are such items as white sugars, excessive wheat-based foods and too much dairy.  Foods that will help you are fresh vegetables and fruit, legumes,  nuts, fish and chicken.