To our BYAA Students

To our BYAA Students

Dear BYAA Student,

As most of you know, Bikram is back in the news.  In the Civil lawsuit of Jafa-Bodden  v. Bikram Choudrury,  he was ordered to pay $6.8 million in damages in 2016.   This has brought Bikram back in the forefront of conversations. 

The recent events and challenges of the founder, and Bikram Headquarters, are indeed important. We want you to know that we stand by the Bikram practice as we always have. All of us at BYAA stay committed to our training, practice, and are doing our best to navigate these genuinely unfortunate and difficult issues. 

In addition to these events, we are also seeing many other changes locally and nationally. Many new forms of “hot yoga,” shortened versions of the original 90 minute program, and alternative teacher trainings. These, too, require all of us to continue to evaluate our studios, stay tuned to our practices, and answer questions that this may bring up for you, our community.

One thing that has not wavered is my stance here at BYAA to not change a thing.  Bikram yoga has withstood the test of time.  We have proven over and over again how our yoga heals the mind, body and spirit.  I am sure each and every one have your own story of how the Bikram yoga practice has enhanced or saved your life whether from simply weight loss,  or a disease, illness, ailment or addiction.

 As of now, the leadership at Headquarters has not issued any guidance to the studio owners as to what is happening in the world of Bikram and until we hear from them, we are simply going to remain the same.  At BYAA we will continue to offer you the same wonderful teachers, all certified through Bikram, and the same 90-minute classes that we always have.   We also want to reassure you that each Bikram studio, as is true of all privately owned yoga studios, function independently. So recent legal and financial issues at Bikram Headquarters have no direct connection to us. 

Our yoga means the world to me.  I’ve have invested my life, family, money and most importantly, my heart and soul, into it.  There is not a day that goes by that I am not involved in some aspect of the yoga, from teaching, practicing or running the studio.  It has become a part of me and who I am. I know it has for many of you as well. So, our focus is to stay united as a yoga community, work together, and keep the practice strong. 

Thanks everyone.



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